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Need a trucking accident attorney or lawyers to fight other tickets? Turn to American-Truckers’ Legal Association; fighting to protect professional drivers since 1987. We are the premiere legal service for professional drivers like you to assist with fighting traffic violations and all other legal issues that truckers face.

A nationwide network of attorneys represents our members at discounted, flat fees with a 90% win rate! Our network of lawyers for truck drivers protects professional commercial drivers against traffic violations, DAC issues, CSA issues, and all other legal matters for which they need help. The goal of the truck accident attorney is to go into court, and keep drivers on the road; earning a living while they protect their CDL.

It is difficult to suddenly have to find a truck accident lawyer. You can rest easy knowing that our CDL lawyers have many years of experience fighting CDL suspensions, accident tickets, speeding violations, DAC problems, CSA help, DOT violations, logbooks and over-weights. You can also turn to us for help with all other legal problems - divorce, insurance, DWI, DUI, property damage, and taxes. We care about you!

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